Happy Tuesday! It’s nearly 2020. Can you all believe that December has gone already? And today is 31st December.

December and holidays, synonyms for each other. It’s time to take a minute to thank you all for your continued support in following my blog posts, and my social media pages.
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Thank you to my team and to others in the supportive part who have believed in me, and helped me on each leg of this journey. So much gratitude! 🙏
We’re about to welcome the new year of 2020 and most of us are going into the year with “resolutions”, high hopes of what’s to come, how to start again, new timelines and big goals to fulfill.

As we close the door to 2019 I think it is really important to take a moment to pause and…..
Think what worked in this past year. what did we do, where did we set ourselves up for success, what new behaviours to be put into a new place to carry into 2020? A new mechanism, new ways, things that are working for you. I think it is important for us to find our strength throughout the entire year. and what served us well. Think about it, and reflect! “What is it that you want to carry on into 2020 to grow?”

Please share your thoughts with me!
What’s YOUR intention for 2020? Give me your ONE word!

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing, your article is super rich on positive energy and motivation. Surly I will work on it.

    • Thanks you so much Kavita Singh. Definitely this plan work with you. Enjoy 20_20.

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