“शाम गुलाबी, शहर गुलाबी पहर गुलाबी है गुलाबी ये शहर

In my previous posts, I shared that when October finally enters, some portion of my life changes. Because of the career motive, and now I come with the new blog of Pink City Diwali.

Pink City Diwali

Diwali is the festival of light, and I visited the Pink City to observe the festivities. It’s always best when you go to Jaipur during the festival time. One of the most famous festivals being Diwali and it’s a bonus to see Diwali lighting in Jaipur. Here each gallery, street, and the city gets lit up in vibrant lightings. Diwali signifies the victory of light over dark or good over evil. Based on your preference, plan a destination which has the most beautiful lights.

People buy gift items as well as decoration things for the home, clothes, Jewellery, etc. on this festive eve, but on this Diwali, I wished to catch the beautiful memories, so I kept the camera in my car and went to Gulabi Nagari to capture the festival of light Diwali and now I got to know why it calls Pink City.

Enjoy this exceptional video clip from our YouTube Channel on Diwali at Pink City.

Curiously Diwali is the Amavasya or no moon night. That’s why the lights on this festivity take away all the darkness around and make it the festival of light.

My visit to Gulabi Nagari during Diwali

On a gorgeous evening, Me and my partner started our tour from Main City. I walked from the bazaars of Jaipur to capture the glimpses of Diwali I’ve never viewed any market lit up so wonderfully such as this Gulabi Nagri. As the photos are suggesting, the place looks all glammed up with the colorful lighting and vibrant decoration.

Attractively decorated stores, echoing firecrackers and traditionally attired up people totally delight our senses. Although the traffic is awful, the place wonderfully describes its own way of enjoying Diwali.

Here’s photos talking about the Diwali Walk

Pink City Diwali
Jaipur Diwali Vibes
Traditional Bazaars (Pink City Main Markets)

Chaura Rasta, Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazar, Indra Bazar, BadiChopar, Tripolia, Johri Bazar are a famed bazaar of the old part of the city. The lighting there needs to be seen for sure. The best way to explore the lighting in the city is by viewing various parts of the city.

Places to see the lighting share below in the kind of photographs.

Pink City Market on Diwali
Pink City Market
Albert Hall, Jaipur

The next destination was Albert Hall, The most popular attraction of Jaipur, Albert Hall left us stunned with the way it is showing its beauty in the terms of beautiful lights. A large crowd gathered here to watch this amazing beauty of the Pink City on the night of the Festival of light.

Albert Hall
Albert Hall, Jaipur
Birla Mandir, Jaipur

After all these destinations, we moved in the direction of other interesting attractions of the Pink City. During our way, we have gone to the famous Birla temple. As the photo is indicating, this place looked showering in the Yellowish lighting and attracting local people as well as foreign visitors.

Birla Temple On Diwali
Birla Mindir on Diwali
Havelis and Fort, Jaipur

Check out other Elegance of Pink City Sarga Suli, we experienced the breathtaking decoration of Gulabi Nagri which glittered with trendy colorful lights and this kind of a huge celebration presents true meaning to the festival of lights.

Sarga Suli Jaipur
Sarga Suli Jaipur
Model Town– world Trade Park

Our next destination was World Trade Park, the largest organization emphasis and the Heaven of Pink City. Going to World Trade Park on Diwali left us charmed by what the city presents. The shopping mall looked bath in the attractiveness of stunning lights and lamps.

World trade park, Jaipur
World Trade Park, Jaipur

Diwali Brings Joy and togetherness and I wish this keeps our Nation brings glory and lots of growth which will further enhance the beauty of this festival.

Happy Diwali…!!!

I definitely look forward to this time of the year to glorify Diwali in full swing. Do let me know however you celebrated Diwali in the comments below.

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Sources shownMedia Partner Parshant Kulshrestha and Parmeet Singh

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