Nani maa ke nuskhe


We always hear our grandmothers say to never use expensive face packs as they are worthless. They always advocate the use of besan for skin. It is their favorite ingredient to make face packs or masks due to its unbelievable features. Our Nani and Dadi swear by gram flour for skin. This readily available ingredient in our kitchen can do wonders for your face. Besan face packs not only help with tanning and provide that fairness to our skin that our grandmother has. But it also fights pigmentation, blemishes, acne, and dull skin. Gram flour or besan is rich in alkaline, which means that every besan face pack will: Remove dirt from the skinMoisturize face by removing excess oil and doesn’t dry it outPreserve the PH level of the skin. Thus, using besan as a replacement for soap is also…