Chocolate & Banana Smoothie


Breakfast is the first meal of the day, so we need to ensure that it is healthy and rich in protein and fiber, Healthy smoothie or oatmeals are a perfect start to a day. It is because we eat breakfast after fasting for 8-10 hours. That is why ensure that whatever you eat for breakfast is protein and fiber filled.  One such thing is smoothies. A high protein smoothie is a healthy breakfast option. They pack different veggies and fruits which are nutritious and delicious. A big glass of smoothie is enough to sustain you till lunch. Chocolate overload smoothie Chocolate-Banana-Healthy-Smoothies So, keeping this in mind, I am sharing a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe. It packs the power of protein shake, banana, cacao powder, and hazelnut butter all in chocolate flavour. Hence, the name of chocolate overload.  In addition…