Many of y’all think it is unnecessary to wear proper clothes to bed as anyway, we’re going to hit the bed. Right? It is your thought process. Yes, do not even argue with me on this topic! Because even I was on the same page once upon a time. But for a proper good night’s sleep, it’s important to wear the right nightdress.
Also, proper maintenance and fit are quite important if you want your PJs or nighties to stay a little longer with you! Most of y’all think this is a hectic task but taking care of your nightwear is pretty easy if you follow the below-mentioned tips. Buckle up and listen to me very carefully because this guide will ensure your nightdresses stay like new ones. Here we are at your service, explaining the fabric, fit, and care tips for your night dresses. What are you waiting for?

Let’s dive in:

Night Dress Fabric:

The first rule for an excellent piece of nightwear is fabric. It is very important while choosing a woman’s nightwear. A poor-quality fabric can cause irritation and rashes. Picking the right fabric is very important, especially when it comes to night dresses.

You can’t sleep properly unless you get a nightdress which has the best fabric. Right? Make sure that the seam stitching of the garment is strong and all embellishments are firm.

Night dresses- tophatlifestyle
clovia- Night dresses - tophatlifestyle07
clovia- Night dresses - tophatlifestyle07

Now let’s dive into the kind of fabric best for nightdresses. For instance, you definitely don’t want thick material during summer and light material during winter. Right? Well, Cotton is a go-to-fabric choice for night dresses. No matter what kind of season it is, the cotton fabric will be the number one choice, putting you in comfort all day long. But if you prefer something warmer during winter, you can go with woollen too. And if you want something light and sexy, like for your nighties, you can go with sheer/mesh baby dolls or satin dresses. It will make you look like a bomb and make your partner scream “Woah” for sure.

Night Dresses Fitting:

Fitting is another point to remember when looking for woman’s nightwear. Proper fitting is essential for a peaceful sleep. If the fitting is not proper, then it’ll become difficult to sleep, and this can keep you awake all night long. So, make sure to measure yourself correctly before buying one.
To buy a perfect nightdress, you need to measure your bust, hips, and waist sizes. Or else get ready for sleepless nights, which you don’t want.

clovia-  Black Night dress
clovia-  Black Night dress

How can you care for night dresses?

The next tip is taking proper care of your night wears. Appropriate care is important if you want your cute night dresses to stay a little longer with you. And most of us think that this is a big task but trust me it’s not that hard. To make your job easy, follow these few tips to let your favourite nightdress stay brand new:

clovia-  printed Night dresses
clovia- Printed Night dresses
clovia-  BPink Night dress tophatlifestyle
  1. Always make sure to empty pockets, zip up the zippers, remove any hairpins, brooches, badges, safety pin, and remove delicate items like ribbon flowers before washing the night dresses.
  1. Separate clothes according to color before washing to make sure that colors do not bleed and latch onto other dresses.
  1. Turn the clothes inside out before washing. It’s another good idea to maintain their look and quality.
  1. Never overload the washing machine and do not use too much detergent. Use mild detergent while washing nightwear. Too much detergent can ruin your fabric quality and color.
  1. Homemade detergents work as well as store-bought detergents. Few detergents can be harsh, causing allergic reactions. So make sure to buy a mild one.
  1. Do not tumble dry. Dry the colored clothes in direct sunlight for a short duration. If you put them for a longer time, the colors may fade.
  1. Fold the washed and dried clothes properly and arrange them neatly inside the closet rather than stuffing them in a laundry bag. This may cause wrinkles on your favorite nightdresses.
  1. Use appropriate hangers to hang your nightdresses. Fold them properly and arrange them neatly in your wardrobe.
Loose night dresses

In the end: it’s about finding the right fit for you

You can find so many designs and styles of women’s nightwear. Picking certain nightdresses can be too overwhelming sometimes. There are many nightdresses options available to you in today’s market. All you need to do is simply select what you like the most. Not only about price colour, proper fit and fabrics matters too. These tips are easy peasy lemon squeezy,  right? Haha, thank me later! By following these tips, you can pick the right nightdress and make them stay with you for a little longer with you! Remember one thing ladies – proper nightdress will let you sleep peacefully. So make sure to buy good quality ones.

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Hope you enjoyed the tips & tricks! 

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