way of tie scarf
way of tie scarf

Scarves might just be my favorite accessory. If I had to shop for just one thing for the rest of my life. It might be scarves. But how to tie a scarf? That’s another story! Today, we’re showing you a few of my favorite ways to wear one! Some are classics and some will be my favorite style. Whether it’s as a headband or a scarf, here are step-by-step how to rock one…

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 I love using a scarf as a headband when I want to hold my curly hair out of my face though still looking fit with each other. It is a fun way to take in extra color and style and best for the cosy summer days we’ve been having lately…!

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Fold scarf in one-half parts to make a triangular shape. Now, roll up from Bottom to top point. Start by the center of your head, and tie the knot. Now wrap the ends back under your hairs and secure with a double knot. Add Bobbie pins to make it extra secure.

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The Basic Knot:

It’s a classic because it’s so simple and looks so great! Wrap the scarf around your neck, take the initial side and put it around your neck and do as well with the other side. you can also try in Fur Scarf

Leopard Print Faux Fur Scarf
Leopard Print Faux Fur Scarf

Tie Like a Tie:

 It is a fun option if you want to add a little Further to your outfit! It’s super simple and easy makes a great addition to a casual or dressy look.

It’s a simple outfit having a tie-like scarf style. On the Shirt, Top, Tunic and on blazers with only just one knot or more, you’ll have the classic tie style scarf which will boost a perfect outfit.

Tie a scarf
Tie Like a Tie

Twisted Scarf:

Typically they are an extremely long shape scarf, which is what makes them different from all the other scarves. It might sound crazy to wear a scarf. A little bit more professional style to wrap a scarf. Put the scarf around the shoulders just like a shawl and make a half lump in the backside with the ends. Tug the ends tight & take upper part down to cover the end knot. I think it’s the easiest way to tug a scarf.

THL-Scarf Up!!!
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Loose Wrap Scarf with Hooks:

Whenever you want to take your scarf game up a notch, pair it with a classic pin!

Fold scarf in half to make a pie. Scrunch together a bit and tie up somewhat loosely close to your neck. Secure with a twice knot and add some vintage pins for extra detail!

THL- Scarf up!!!
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French Knot: 

Need not to stay in winter season but simply when you need to warm yourself up outside in the cold air flow. I recently found this French twist last winter and still like it! Just fold the scarf in half part put it around the shoulders. Get one free end piece and tug it over and underneath the scarf loop. Go ahead and take second end piece now go below and also over the same loop.

THL-Scarf Up!!!
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