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It’s so cold, I love the cold weather, but I don’t like what it does to my skin. My skin is naturally dry, and the winters make it even more unhealthy and de-hydrated.

Creamy Creamy Day…❤ ❤

That is why I always carry Nivea Cream in my bag. I am sure that every girl carries her favourite moisturizer in her bag, right? Well, we got to moisturizing our skin keeps it smooth, healthy, and happy.

Unhealthy Skin
Unhealthy Skin
Itchy skin
Itchy skin
Flaky Skin
Flaky Skin
Oily Skin
Oily Skin

Since we were young kids, our mom insisted on putting a moisturizer on our cheeks, especially in winters. I remember using Nivea as a kid too. The packaging was slightly different back then, but the effects on the skin were the same. Using this cream made my skin so soft and the tightness around my face vanished.

Nivea products are 130 years old, and they come in both lotion and cream form. Their white milky texture balances the skin. The best part of using Nivea is that it has products for all skin types. So, whether you have oily skin or normal or dry skin, pick the right Nivea body lotion. It will hydrate your skin and lock the moisture for 48 hours.

The verdict: Listen to what your skin is saying ooohhh….and fulfil with the best products aaahhhh…

Naveena Nivea Cream
Nivea Skin (Naveena)

For happy skin that doesn’t itch or is flaky in winters, you must try this cream. Yep. This is best all-purpose cream and very much effective for dryness.

For a ‘Beautiful You’, use Nivea cream. The best ever Nivea ❤

Rating: 4/5

Other products to look out for: Nivea sunscreen. For a blemish and wrinkle-free, don’t forget to use Nivea SPF 50.

Have you tried Nivea Cream?

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  1. Hi I also have CeraVe in my regimen and use that as well. I love Nivea Creme for my hands which get trashed in the winter. And I’ll use it on my face when I take our dog out for walks in the winter. Feels like a baby’s butt!
    Love a lot..:)

    • Thank you so much for your positive feedback Emily. Please keep visiting 🙂 You’re most welcome.

  2. Ooh my Gosh, seriously???. I have dry/combo skin, drier in the winter and I am so buying this asap.
    Thank You @Naveena_tophatlifestyle for this opinion…take care

  3. MOM’S TOUCH IN A LITTLE BLUE TIN from my childhood,Soothe your skin after sunbathing or before shaving – nothing more universal or versatile than NIVEA Creme.

  4. Brilliant post! I have tried this actually on my hands but never on my face. Now your Post makes me think of trying it again..thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks, Ankita definitely you can apply on face and all body. And also read my other blogs.

  5. Hi.. I also recommend everyone to use this cream because it is good to go with all skin type.. I always worried about my oily skin bt once i started using Nivea cream i am very glad after seeing the result. Perfect balance for my skin..i personally liked your post..Thank you,and keep going.. 😊

    • Thank you so much Divanshi. Your comment is Cherry on Cake. Keep in touch with me with my blog…🥰

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