The second season of four more shots please is just as fun, quirky, and full of drama. Also, the dose of fashion in this is a higher notch, so hold down to your notes.

Four More Shots Please - Tophatlifestyle
Give Me Four More Shots Please – Tophatlifestyle

If you ask any girl what is her favourite girly show, you will get one of the three answers- Sex and the city, Gossip Girl, and Pretty little liars. All these shows have drama, friendship, and most importantly, the best fashion you will ever see.

Girls, you don’t have to re-watch these series for female friendships and amazing fashion. It is because Prime video India has released the second season of four more shots, please. This Indian web-show is full of drama, heartfelt confessions, emotions, and the girls navigating everything that life throws at them fashionably together with shots. It is the best series on Amazon Prime currently.

“Don’t Be Perfect. Be Amazing.”

Four more shot, Please!

Watching this show, you will be reminiscing about the past. It will remind you of the trip that you took with your gal pals or a past slumber party. In addition to all this, it will most certainly remind you of the first time you had shots with your girl-gang.

Four More Shots Please! is about fashion, style, and friendship. The series is about four young, urban ladies exploring the mind-boggling nexus of relationship, work-life balance, and ambition while creating style patterns & trends. 

The best part though is that through everything, they have each other’s backs, and they look damn fashionable doing everything!

Since, this show showcases the best of fashion, talking about it makes sense. To begin with, they show awesome jumpsuit to elegant saree to floral prints & off-shoulder blouse, these leading ladies show the best of fashion.

Four More Sots Please (rashminairillustrations)
Four More Sots Please (rashminairillustrations)

The previous season set the best fashion milestone. The second season also doesn’t disappoint in this direction. I was fawning over the outfits worn by the actors on the show and they have been styled extremely well. 

Channel your inner diva like “ANJANA

Anjana Four More shots please - Tophatlifestyle
ANJANA Four More shots please – Tophatlifestyle

Anjana Menon, a lawyer by profession is successful. Also, she is a single mother to a four-year-old girl. Played by Kirti Kulhari, Anjana has a professional job, but that doesn’t mean that she dresses-up boringly. Furthermore, She always inspires through fashion from conference rooms to party shots.

Her chic office ensemble and her perfectly paired makeup, in addition to, and heels show us how to dress like a boss babe in our office.

Also, you get to see her glam side when she wears a glitzy ethnic and ethereal black piece.

Her power dressing is what caught my attention the most. So, watch this season of four more shots please and make lock-down your excuse to up your office fashion game.

The girl-next-door fashion has taken to the next level by “SIDDHI”

SIDHI Four more shots please - Tophatlifestyle
SIDDHI Four more shots please – Tophatlifestyle

Siddhi Patel played by Maanvi Gagroo makes the best of fashion this season. Her girl-next-door fashion that she took to the next level this season plays a major role in defining her character.

Siddhi is playful and keeps her love for colours alive. She is feisty, cool, calm, and extremely witty.

Also,  She is always my favourite, Love you Siddhi- Piddhi!

Season 2 saw a major shift in Siddhi’s personality. She’s more confident, comfortable & much more carefree. To match this shift, there had to be changes made to her wardrobe as well. So, in addition to her usual floral, vibrant, feminine silhouettes, you can see a bit of androgyny. 

So, more pants, shorts, jumpsuits, & jeans. Also, she had some bold wardrobe choices with deep necklines and off-shoulder blouses. 

Moreover, her go-to accessories, the statement bags from Dior or Gucci and the headpieces are amazing.

Be professionally stylish like “DAMINI”

DAMINI Four more shots please - Tophatlifestyle
DAMINI Four more shots please – Tophatlifestyle

Damini Roy, played by Sayani Gupta is an ethical Journalist, who is also a fashionable girl. She is an independent woman who stands tall not just for her ideals, but for her friends as well. 

How elegant does she look in Cold shoulder? Is she enhancing the beauty of the top, or is it vice versa? Also, that smile just sparked her outfit as you can see above.

In four more shots please 2, Damini is working from home. But don’t let that fool you, her fashion game is still on point. Her off-shoulder knits, shorts, and night-suits by the label Dandelion are amazing. 

Want to up your night fashion? Take notes girls!

Be as sexy as “UMANG” while doing those lifts

Umang Four more shots please - Tophatlifestyle
UMANG Four more shots please – Tophatlifestyle

Umang Singh, played by Bani J, is a fitness trainer.  She wears the best sports clothes, so take notes on how to look trendy while working out. It will surely inspire you for your next party!!!

She is a girl who knows what she wants and plays by her rules. Her sequined dress with a denim jacket or a sexy satin co-ord, her sassy tattoos, and particularly the dope sneakers are killer.

There is one more fashionista in this show. Samara Kapoor played by Lisa Ray, is not the main character. But when she is on the screen, her acting and fashion will keep you glued. 

Four More Shots Please features a group of four ambitious, rebellious, witty and fresh women. The second season not only shows their character maturing but also taking a trip to the lovely city of Turkey.

So, while in lockdown, see this show and enjoy the best of fashion, the best of travelling, and most importantly, the best of friends. These girls are independent and inspiring, but their friendship takes your heart.

Moreover, after lockdown, going into the office is like going for the first time. Take fashion cues from these girls for your post-lockdown fashion. Besides, ‘Four More Shots Please 2’ has enough jumpsuits, saris and designer dresses, and home gowns from amazing labels will give you some major wardrobe goals.

Now All these fashionable girls are going into Season 3, AreYyou Ready Guys??

Yooo hooo!!!!

Four More Shots Please’ Season 2

Cast: Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Gurbani, Maanvi Gagroo, Neil Bhoopalam, Amrita Puri, Shibani Dandekar, Prateik, Lisa Ray, Milind Soman, Ankur Rathee etc.
Director: Nupur Asthana
Duration:  Season First:10 Episodes | Season Second: 10 Episodes

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Critics Rating: 4/5

Which is your favourite Four More Shots looks? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. This is my one of the best series, And I totally love these girls & this blog. Naveena your work is so brilliant.
    Keep it up!! 🤗🤗

    • Ye me also, but it will come 2021, So wait and watch, hope you enjoy this fashion series. ❤️❤️

  2. Shot outs from Washington DC you women were awesome 👏 I literally binge-watched the entire series 😍😍

  3. If genie is granting me one wish I would like to be a part of girls gang just like u…bole to bindass boss. Really like u and your dressing sense guys so much…..Anj, Mangs, Siddi piddi n the D👍🏻

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of this show! I binge-watched all of season 2 last week!

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