We all try to avoid sugar in our desserts, but we should not avoid it in our skincare routine. Sugar is the best scrub for face & Body. Many times you must have come across influencers or celebrities who talk about sugar scrub and its benefits on the skin.

Why? Because they are that good for your skin. They not only exfoliate your skin to reveal healthy and smooth skin, but it also removes dead skin cells. 

Vasu Sugar Scrub- Best scrub for face

There are tons of facial sugar scrubs in the market, but the best sugar scrub for face though is Vasu age revitalization.  I love a rich and moisturizing body scrub, and fortunately, I found this Vasu Sugar facial Scrub in my collaboration.  Why is this sugar scrub special? It is because usually we never exfoliate using a sugar scrub, it is a special treatment for skin that you do once a week.

Today I am reviewing this best scrub from Vasu. So I picked this up a month ago and have been using this regularly. It is an Indian product which has been in circulation since the last 40 years. So if you wish to know how my experience was with this one, stay tuned for the complete review! 

Benefits of sugar scrub

A sugar scrub is a facial exfoliator that you use on your face once or twice a week.  It brightens your skins and makes sure to remove all the dirt particles gently.

Best scrub for face- vasu Sugar Scrub

The Vasu sugar scrub for face has included these benefits:

  • Effectively exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells
  • Makes skin smooth and glowing
  • Removes dirt and sebum from the face
  • Made with traditional beauty recipe KUMKUMADI TAILAM
  • Also, Vasu facial sugar scrub for face is dermatologically tested. Thus, it is safe for all skin types.

What is it made of?

  • Natural Sugar and Black Sand: This exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal youthful skin.
  • Vitamin E: This provides antioxidants to your skin and keeps it hydrated while fighting free radicals, which causes cell destruction.
  • Kamkumadi Tailam: It is a traditional beauty secret for youthful skin.

How To Use?

  • Gently massage on wet skin for 4-5 Minutes. 
  • For best results, use it once or twice a week. It will nourish your skin better and will keep it glowing.

Experience with Vasu sugar scrub for face

Say goodbye to dead and flaky skin with this best sugar scrub. Love and love this gel-based formula sugar scrub for face. It has an exotic fragrance that is energizing, yet relaxing, which makes you feel wonderful.  

Sugar & Natural Black Sand work well. I usually apply the scrub on my face and neck and massage 4-5 Mins, and I always leave it for 5 mins extra on the skin before taking it off. 

Best scrub for face- vasu Sugar Scrub

It is not harsh on your skin so you can use it often. Also, it doesn’t irritate my skin, which is a combination of skin. After all, this scrub is refreshing,  relaxing, and gentle, making it worth my money and time. 

P.S. The scrub is so satisfying and gentle, that if you don’t moisturize, the skin won’t get dry. But it is always a good practice to moisturize the face after exfoliating for better nourishment.

Final verdict

This sugar scrub was better than I could have imagined. After using it for some time regularly, my skin looked more refined, softer, and smoother. I could tell that dirt, oil and impurities were effectively removed from my skin’s surface as well. Makes my showers all the more enjoyable. 

Best scrub for face- vasu Sugar Scrub

So, don’t overthink it! This is the perfect scrub for your special occasions and daily needs. Go buy it today!

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  1. My skin is typically uneven during the winter time and in major need of rejuvenation. I was so excited to try this thanks for share this.

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