H&M India is one of the most sought after brands for stylish, elegant, and comfortable clothes. With the on-going fall season sale at H&M shops pan India, it is the best time to upgrade your wardrobe with chic clothes.

I love shopping there, especially in the fall season because they have such a wide selection of cardigans and outerwear that are pocket-friendly. They have muted tone palettes – blush, olive, and grey, and they stood out to me. 

H&M India Fashion

It is the perfect way to add a pop of nude colors to your wardrobe. H&M fashion focuses on neutrals and texture. And that is why their clothes are perfect for lunch dates, brunch parties, and more.

Finding affordable H&M clothes is super-exciting. But exploring all the clothes is tiring, so I have picked the 9 best items from H&M online store that every girl should have in their wardrobe. All you have to do is finalize them and add them to the cart! Good enough deal. Right? 

9 items from H&M India your closet must have

Short rib-knit Cardigan

A rib-knit cardigan is incredibly useful for the fall season. Also, it goes well with spring when the weather is not too cold or hot. Another plus point is that it matches almost all the bottoms you already have in your closet. 

The new collection of short rib-knit cardigan from H&M India has a puffed sleeves pattern. It is a trending look, which I am sure you must have come across on your social media.

It looks so elegant with minimal accessories and is perfect for casual brunches or informal Friday office look.

H&M Fashion short rib knit cardigan
H&M Fashion Cardigan

Corduroy Trouser /Flared leggings

After Tik Tok, trended flared legging came back in fashion again. The Corduroy trouser or flared leggings are perfect for cold weather. But if you pick the right pair like the ones below, they go well in the spring season too.   

It is a unique trend and worth including in your closet. Pair it with a white or neutral colour t-shirt or pullover or black boots for a chic look.

H&M Flared leggings
H&M India Black Flared leggings


This bodysuit from H&M online store is perfect for layering clothes. Add any pullover, jacket, or oversized coat on it for a sexy look. Experiment with this flexible piece of cloth that goes with all types of bottoms, like jeans or skirts or leggings!

H&M fashion bodysuit
H&M India Fashion Suit

Pearl Belt

The right belt can make any outfit classy and amazing. The pearl belt from H&M India is just right to buckle against an oversized dress, t-shirt, or even to have on your jeans. The plastic beads on leather are quite an appealing look.

H&M India
H&M Belt

Bustier/ Broderie Anglaise Bralette

I always want bralette, and now with this, I have the perfect one. Both are cool & go with workout & outdoors clothes, Wear these without feeling like you have to be too precious with them. Again, keep the look neutral, and the entire outfit will look like it came out of a boutique.

Bralette of H&M India
Bralette of H&M india


Jumper will instantly elevate your look, and you can wear them with everything If you choose aesthetics & vintage colour wear with dark jeans and also dress up with Joggers.

Jumper of H&M India
Jumper H&M fashion


Everyone needs simple, sleek, and everyday joggers.  So you can refresh your wardrobe for the coming Spring Season with joggers. The high waist makes these flares so easy to wear. A stylish but casual outfit for daytime errands.

Trendy H&M Joggers
Fashionable Jogger of H&M India

Quilted Shoulder Bag

A quilted shoulder bag is a quintessential accessory that goes with most outfits. It is chic, stylish, and can carry essentials with ease. Another best find from H&M India’s online store.

H&M India Bags
Quilted Shoulder Bag of H&M India

Chunky platform boots

I love Platform boots. They are stylish, comfortable, and perfect for the fall/spring season. These boots from H&M India goes with any clothes, from dresses to skirts to joggers and oversized sweaters. If you still don’t have these shoes, start thinking about buying a pair for yourself.

Chunky Platform Boots- H&M India

On the whole, these items will add glamour and comfort to your wardrobe. So, my shopaholic friends, go through H&M online and add these beauties to your cart. The best thing about them is that they work well for both spring and fall seasons. So, stop waiting and start upgrading your closet now! Also available on MYNTRA

And lastly, thank you so much for the amazing response to my last few skincare blogs. Now,  I am back with a new fashion blog, I got lots of messages on Insta and other platforms for a Fashion blog, so, I’m here with a blog about H&M India fashion. This blog is for all my readers who wanted a fashion blog.

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