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The Natural Wash Lip Balm

Do you want pink-poppy lips? Then lip balm is all you need. There are many varieties of “The Natural Wash” lip balm. It is not only known to relax your rough, dry skin on the lips. But it also soothes, moisturises, and makes your lips smooth.

But that is not the only use of lip balm. There are multiple lip balm hacks and makeup tricks which can treat lips, nails, hairs, or even dry skin on elbows and heels.

Here are a few lip balm hacks that will blow your mind. I tried most of these lip balm hacks using a beetroot organic lip balm. More on that later, so, Stay tuned!

lip balm hacks

Lip balm – Perfect partner for your lips and other beauty tricks

  • For a Perfect Eye Gloss: A great lip balm makeup tip is to mix Lip balm into your eye shadow. It will work as an eye gloss. (Avoid Mint flavour)
  • Brow Gel: Another lip balm hack is to use it as an eyebrow gel. Also, use to set moustaches & beards or other little hair in a ponytail.
  • To Reduce Fine Lines or Eye Bags: Apply under the eyes to reduce fine lines and moisturise them. This lip bam hack is so good. The smooth formula helps with puffy eyes and under eyes circles keeping it hydrated. (Avoid Mint)
Lip Balm Hacks
  • To Exfoliate Lips: Add brown sugar and apply on lips and scrub with the tip of your finger.
  • Eye Makeup Cleanser: Put some lip balm on a Q-tip to clean up your smudged eye makeup.
  • To Hide Acne: Lip balm with Jojoba oil, Shea butter, vitamin E can help you hide acne. Just rub the balm on the affected area before applying makeup, and it will hide it. It will keep the concealer in place.
  • To Highlight Cheek-Bones: A lip balm will give the perfect pink blush to your cheeks.

Lip balm is so versatile. It is actually the only makeup you need to get a glamorous look.

Lip Balm Hacks- tophatlifestyle

Review time with Naveena

Product Information

The natural wash Herbal Lip Balm” is an organic lip balm that comes in beetroot flavour. But since I love beetroot, I used this lip balm. Beetroot hydrates you and keeps the moisture locked in and gives your lip a natural pink colour. For Better result, you can try TWN Lip Lightening Scrub before Lip Blam.

It is paraben-free, which usually dries your lips out. It uses natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, Beetroot, Shea and Cocoa butter, Honey, and apricot oil, which are all healthy.

Every single of these ingredients provides different types of vitamins to our lips, making it luscious and healthy. Also, it has SPF, so your lips are safe from sun-rays. The best part, though is that it is unisexual.

Use this beetroot flavoured organic balm for trying out the above lip balm hacks.

Lip Balm Beauty Hacks

I got this Lip Balm from “The Natural Washalmost a month ago. Since, I love organic products, I  have been using it non stop. After using it for over a month, I felt these changes in my lips:

  • My dry-chapped lips started healing.
  • They feel soft and healthy.
More reason to go organic with your lip balm
lip balm hacks
The Natural Wash Lip Balm Hacks

Another reason why I am in love with this product is that I apply this organic product twice or thrice a day only for glossier and healthy lips. You have to keep reapplying the other paraben full lip balms throughout the day. Moreover, the shea and cocoa butter in it makes it so aromatic and soft on your lips. Lastly, this product is perfect for some nail lip balm hack. I dip my finger in it and it just moisturizes my nail making it pink.

A must use for anyone who loves herbal products and wants a lip balm that you can carry with style. Its packaging is awesome and is a perfect fit for my bag.

Rating: 4/5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lip balm hacks using this herbal lip balm- beetroot was fun for me. Let me know if you try them too or know other hacks.

Enjoy this raining day! 👒

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