Saturday, 5 pm, it’s time to turn off my laptop, grab my Bag, Books, Phone and Sunglasses and jump into my father’s car. A couple of minutes later my mother was with me & she grabs my sheets, pillows, snacks & water. We both bring our stuff in the car, and we were so excited and chirps “Let’s go”. I shared my location via Whats-app with my Sister; we’re on our way to the destination. As we go far away from our city, we felt peaceful. Now we were on our way to natural beauty greenery.

Natural beauty

This Weekend

I wasn’t in peace with myself recently. There are lots of things which are going on my life that I wish to solve them out. I really hope that you are not among those who face such headaches every day. However, I enjoy my job and every other part of my life, Therefore I’m always rethinking things that have happened and try to resolve in my mind. Understandably, it isn’t an easy task and after some time it looks like it’s simply too much for me to handle. This time, it was too much for me.

This weekend I decided to get away from everything, especially from my thoughts, and therefore I suggested my sibling and parent go for some Natural Beauty Places. I wanted to spend some time with nature, far away from all and simply enjoy some time with loved ones.

Slowly Down

Things were moving slowly and gradually and started feeling relaxed. I felt like having no plan, no duties that needs be done, almost nothing. And you know what? During all those lazy days of living, I wish I could spend every single day like this where there is no rush, taking things as they are, listening to myself and living with the Nature Beauty.

Natural beauty- naveena sapra

Greenery can heal me

For me, a Natural forest is always a mesmerizing place. It doesn’t matter when or where I’m visiting it, it takes all the difficulties away and cleanse my mind from all unnecessary ideas. I could spend hours, feeling this fresh air, the color & beauty of nature and appreciating every moment. Maybe that was the only reason I felt impossible to get away from the pond. It made me felt drowning at the moment and I so was so happy.

Natural beauty- Naveena sapra

We went for long walks, read books, talk to nature, ate tasty food, and had a fantastic time spend with each other. I really feel so well again, full of energy, ideas, and motivation. We are on our way back again home now and I am feeling so thankful for those few days we had together. It was all needed to come on track.

Thank you so much Natural Beauty! Have a great weekend.


Love u 🙂

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