Love always finds a way even in the time of corona.

No amount of problems like distance or even COVID-19 can stop two people who want to share a life from being together. Yes, love in the time of corona is happening, it is possible, and we are dedicated to helping you in any way we can.

As a photographer, I have captured tons of beautiful wedding moments. From Pre-wedding shoots to a Bride crying on their Bidaai to so much more. But I never thought I would shoot a couple taking Pheras while wearing a wedding mask. Unfortunately, the Novel Coronavirus impact on everyone is such that tying the knot with wedding masks, minimal people, and virtual guests seem normal.


Love should not have to wait for anything. When someone makes you happy, and you picture a future with them, having a big-fat wedding is not important. That is exactly what a lot of couples are doing. As humans, we can adapt to any situation, and corona-virus lockdown weddings show our perseverance and resilience.

As Anushka Sharma’s character said in ‘Band Baja Baaraat’, recession ho, ya inflation, Shaadiya to hongi hi hai.’

Well, due to COVID-19, inflation, recession, and economic downfall are all there. But it can never stop two people who are head over heels in love from starting their new life by making their wedding possible under lockdown.

Coronavirus lockdown wedding rules:

Even a corona-virus lock down wedding has some rules. They are there to make weddings possible under lock down. Thus, follow these rules, and you won’t have to wait for months to get your happy ending.

Government allowing marriage functions during the lockdown from May 4, here are the rules:

  • You cannot invite more than 50 for the function and we do that.
  •  Disinfecting the venue floor with hospital-grade cleaners is mandatory.
  • Keeping hand-sanitizer at multiple places at the venue is necessary.
  • Only 7-8 people can dine at a time·   
  • Wedding Masks are mandatory. Those who didn’t wear one were handed wedding masks at the entrance.      
True Love

The couple whose coronavirus lockdown wedding, I captured, took these measures to make the wedding even more eco-friendly by using:

  • Only steel tumblers, no paper cups.
  • Not using single-use plastic.
  • Natural flowers for a minimalistic decoration.
  • E-invites for most guests. They printed only a few paper invites.
  • Excess food was packaged and given away, not thrown.
  • Also, they didn’t take any packaged gifts instead of insisting on blessings.

Love in the time of corona…

Innovation is the key when it comes to couples making their wedding dreams come true during the pandemic.

I, Rahul Punjabi, the photographer who has the honour of shooting a coronavirus lockdown wedding found it a blessing in disguise. Sure, our wedding industry is suffering, even photographers faced 65% loss in revenue. But our creativity didn’t get lost. Capturing the bride and groom and their smallest moments with fewer people was better.

Even the couple were more comfortable as there were less prying eyes.

From this experience, I would like to say that the work is less, but if you are passionate about your craft, you will get work. It might not be the same or big, but you can survive this, and hope for a better future.

Coronavirus lockdown wedding: pre-wedding shoot possible?

Yes, my team is dedicated to making your wedding experience wholesome. So, keeping in mind the current pandemic, we can shoot the pre-wedding video at your home. Balcony or kitchen or coffee table romance are some of the ideas.

To all the love-birds out there, don’t let coronavirus impact your wedding. Get creative and have fun. Weddings are possible under lockdown, they are just more intimate, which is something that can make it even more memorable. Also, photographers like me will always be there to ensure that you never forget this memorable day.

Thank you The Wedding Tasveer & Xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

Picture Credit : The Wedding Tasveer

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  1. recession ho, ya inflation, Shaadiya to hongi hi hai.’,Amazing…. Good Post👍👍👍👍

  2. rishib kumar Reply

    at-home coronavirus marriages r great b/c couples r saving money on weddings & putting it toward the cheapest housing market since the great recession

  3. Not everyone needs a partner though someone is happy with their single lifee😌🤘🏻
    Btww amazing workkk❤

  4. Sneha Bharti Reply

    In this quarantine i found this channel ALRIGHT .
    It is so amazing.
    The videos are awesome.

  5. Such a nice amazing lovely video good to watching
    Nowadays everyone should take Shoot at home or indoor as u show there. Good Concept 🏠

  6. Yup, corona has turned the table upside down. While I seriously feel wedding needs to be a intimate family affair. However, its a personal choice of an individual.

    • Yes, It’s up to on the individual choice.
      Now the situation is better last few days, If you are planning I can help you in prewedding to marriage.

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