Do you love listening to podcasts? Or are you new to this world? If it’s the latter, you are missing out on a whole new amazing world. A podcast is a solo audio program which we can listen to on our phone or laptop. Here people discuss a topic such as fashion and style, Business, Spiritual, Real estate, Bollywood or food. They interview guests on important topics. Moreover, there are podcasts where you can listen to your favourite books, like Harry Potter at home: Reading on Spotify.

Podcasts are amazing as you can listen to them while travelling or when you are cooking, and listening to music becomes repetitive. A lot of Indian podcasts have compelling content as they talk about myths or connect you with lesser-known musicians. Also, Some podcast connects you with people doing good work or talk about instances which need more public reactions.

Listen Indian Podcast

It will not only keep you busy during the lockdown but will certainly expand your knowledge about various things. Also, who knows, maybe listening to podcasts may inspire you to start one yourself? 

Since Indian podcasts are still growing, you may not know some of the best Indian podcasts out there. So, today, I am listing the top podcast in India where people are talking about the things that matter while entertaining you.

Let’s start…

Chuski Pop

The aunty culture in India is overwhelming. If you are looking for unabashed truth about these interfering aunties, and how to deal with them, this is one of the best podcasts in India.

Sweety and Pappu, two feminist are the co-hosts of Chuski pop. They bring you amazing stories from their heart while sharing experiences that you will relate to. They talk about real issues with humour thus making this podcast light and relevant.

Unkut Kritika A Fashion Blogger


Are you familiar with ‘That boho girl’? It is one of the top fashion blogs in India. Kritika Khurana, the mind behind this amazing blog. She also has a YouTube channel, and has now come up with an Indian podcast.

The podcast talks about adulting, careers, and self-care. Want some advice on how to deal with heartbreaks? Or why negative thoughts are not to be taken seriously. She talks about important and emotional topics which all youngsters face.

Sadguru Isha Foundation

We all need motivation and guidance in our life. This podcast by Isha foundation provides us with the same. The life teaching of Sadguru, a visionary and mystic aims to help people achieve anything through their will. Hence, every episode teaches something amazing in under five minutes Definitely, It’s one of the best podcasts in India.

Dating is a Garbage

Modern dating is hard, and Jaanam and Surbhi from ‘IVM’s dating is garbage’ understands this. Every week, they talk to a couple and the woes and wows that they faced while dating.

It offers funny, dramatic, and emotional stories. Also, these stories teach a lesson that can help you with your dating life.

Cyrus Says

Cyrus Broacha doesn’t need an introduction. Another IVM podcast, ‘Cyrus says’ is a satirical take on everything that matters. From sports to urban life to politics, there is something for everyone.

RJ Kartik Motivation

The award-winning radio jockey from My Fm Jaipur is winning hearts with his podcasts. These podcasts are 1-minute long. They are inspirational and talk about daily challenges that many people face in their life.

The Musafir Stories – India Travel Podcast

It is one of the best Indian travel podcasts. Whether you are a mountain baby, or just a city dweller looking for some audio relief and travel ideas.

BBC’s My Indian Life – Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Indian Podcast

Although this Indian podcast is produced by an English production house-BBC. It is narrated by Kalki Koechlin and it talks about real stories from urban India. From sex trafficking to rape to breakups, it is as real as it gets. These stories are uplifting and eye-opener. Don’t miss this one.

She Says She’s Fine

Women hardly talk about their health or prioritise it? Dr Munjhal Kapadia talks about this and other serious health issues that women face, but are ashamed to talk about. 

It is the best podcast in India for every girl out there. As it will help you lose your inhibitions and get help before it’s late.

Maed In India

Want to find independent indie bands and musicians from around the world? Then, this blog is perfect for you. Also, it’s a production company which has tons of shows under their banner.

All music lovers should certainly check out this podcast now.

Popkast with Garima

It is an interactive pop culture podcast by Garima Surana. It is growing super fast, and its unapologetic take on everything is fresh and welcoming. Breaking all taboos while providing an opinion on everything, and telling weird facts, it’s a must-listen for all.

Bonus Tip

Want to brush up on Indian mythology? Then listen to these amazing mythological podcasts. They are in English, so even people who aren’t comfortable with Hindi or Sanskrit, will be able to enjoy them. 

As of 2019, the major podcasting platforms used today in India are:


Never a dull moment with these Indian podcasts. Happy listening!

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