We all know these COVID-19 lockdown days in India are hard, and for that matter, it’s hard for everyone in the world. But we will get through this. So, practice social distancing and try these things.

Get artistic, Create painting or doodle

One of the best ways to calm your mind of the anxieties that many people are facing as a result of the COVID-19 Lockdown in India is to paint.
Moreover, it doesn’t have to be the next Mona-Lisa, but something that makes you happy.
It is one of the best activities for keeping kids engaged. Not only will the colours make them happy, let them be creative, but it will also give you a lot of time to do fun activities together.

COVID-19 Lockdown (Create painting or doodle)
Create painting or doodle

Try writing a Blog or a Journal

For the people who love writing or are good with words, why not take this time to start a blog or even write a journal? It sounds good, trust me!
Write about anything that you feel like. It will help you let go of all the negative emotions that you are feeling. Write the negative thoughts, and burn it off.
Also, express your gratitude in the journal every day, and it will help develop positive thoughts.

COVID-19 Lockdown (Try writing a blog or a Journal)
Writing a blog or a Journal

Bake and Cook

Okay, now that restaurants are not working, and food delivery is hardly the choice. As a result, wearing the chef’s hat is one of the 14 things to do during a lockdown. So, prepare meals for yourself, and at the same time, try out new hot and cool Detox drinks. It is because of hydrating is important, especially at this time.
For example: Try this Watermelon Detox and Chickpea, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad
However, please be mindful of the resources. In times just like these, we certainly should not be wasting food. Specifically, before eating food, we also taught our children to pray to God and thank them.

COVID-19 Lockdown (Cook & bake | Tophatlifestyle)
Cook & Bake | Tophatlifestyle

Play indoor games with kids

Kids are feeling anxious and bored as a result of social distancing. So, help cheer them up by playing indoor games with your kids.

Also, as children, most of us loved playing board games. For example, Ludo, Snakes-and-Ladder, Cards, Musical Chairs, Hide and Seek or Scrabble. Some of these games must certainly be lying in some corner of the house, gathering dust. It’s time to brush the dust off and get playing with the family.

COVID-19 Lockdown (Indoor Games- tophatlifestyle )
Indoor Games- Social Distancing

Declutter and Organize

Never got the time to go through things you’ll never use? It’s springtime. You know that you simply won’t wear half of the garments ever, and yet you continue to hoard. Now it’s time to set spring collection and put away the woolens, clean your closet.

Once the COVID-19 Lockdown in India is over, donate these clothes, books, toys, etc. Moreover, clean your shoe closet as well!

COVID-19 Lockdown( Declutter your life & space)
Declutter and Organize

Pamper Yourself

No, no parlor, do it yourself! Many fruit and vegetable peels are fantastic for your skin. They exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin to form it super soft. Also, you can do a hair spa, and oil your hair. So, apply homemade hair packs, and so on.

Be crafty, paint your nails in different colors, and try cutting your hair. It’s insane, but it will be amazing!

Recipe: Curd, lemon and olive oil. Mix well and apply in hair for half an hour and wash with warm water. And look, natural hair spas and come out of this feeling gorgeous!

COVID-19 Lockdown (Pamper Yourself)
Pamper Yourself

Pray for humanity

I follow spiritual Sister B K Shivani. I recall clearly when I met her the first time I was humbled by her simplicity. She always says that “Our Intentions, Feelings, Words & Behaviours, Create Our Energy Field” It’s the aura we carry. It’s the vibes people feel from us.

So, pray for humanity, pray for this COVID-19 Lockdown outbreak to the end, pray for everyone risking their lives for us, and pray for those who were the victim of this disease.

COVID-19 Lockdown (Pray for humanity)
Pray for humanity


Time to Digital Cleaning: Do digital cleaning! Our home is clean but digital life is so messy. Lots of pictures, videos, music, and document files are on the laptop, phone, and hard drives that require cleaning. So, it’s time to maintain your Backup and operating system. Most importantly, you need to change your passwords and keep them safe.

COVID-19 Lockdown (Secure your passwords)
Cleanup your Digital Dirt!

I promise you all these things will change the way you live. When we come out of this and go back to our normal life, you will remember this period. As a result, they will become your habit and lifetime memories. 🌏

Money-back guarantee  – If your life doesn’t change! 😊

This is all that we can and all that we must do at these times. We are in this together.

Stay home, Stay safe and practice social distancing. Wash your hands often. 🙌 

Smile a little 🙂


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  1. I already read your first part of this blog now the second one is also have informative knowladge to use your lockdown time in usefull things,keep writing 👍👍

    • Thank you, dear Always shoe love 🙂 Yeah I will come back with my spring Season collection.

  2. I had resolution to work on my blog ( http://www.thecaffables.com ) in this lockdown and I never thought it would last that long (the lockdown). So it kinda wrecked my motivation, but this post pushed me to get back up and work as long as I can. Thank you so much.

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