“Meditation, or mindfulness, is the ultimate multivitamin with zero side effects.”

When times are tough, sometimes the best way to clean your head and open your heart is to focus on Meditation.

Mindful meditation is the best treatment for an anxious heart and soul. These past few months have been tough on all of us due to pandemic, social distancing, and lockdown. People are losing jobs, some are afraid for their and their family’s health, while others are alone during these tough times.

Such a situation can bring forward lots of negative thoughts which can lead to stress and anxiety. However, Practicing meditation along with yoga is the start you need to overcome any negative emotions or feelings you have.

Mindful meditation Naveenasapra

Anxiousness is a signal that you are worrying about the future. When you are battling depression, the past’s hold on you is tight. But when you stay calm and happy- you are in the present. That is exactly what meditation is all about being in the now.

So if you want to feel peace, stop juggling! Take the pressure off the multitasking, and stop being harsh to yourself. No matter how hard you try, you cannot pressure your mind into being quiet. However, meditation and yoga for mental health can do that for you.

 My tryst with mindful meditation

Everyone starts meditation at some point due to various reasons. My tryst with this started some years back when I was struggling with anxiety and negative emotions. It was a time when I consciously tried to quiet my mind as the negativity was bothering me.

My thoughts were repelling, which made me hate myself. All I wanted was my mind to shut up! Besides, do you realize how wrong that statement is? Sadhguru has clarified this brilliantly well, and I learnt it from there. The idea isn’t to stop the mind, instead the trick is to learn how to let it flow and naturally let it be in its rested state. I tried and failed, tried and failed until I stopped trying, and started flowing with wind.

Meditation with yoga- naveena sapra

With mindful meditation and yoga for mental health, I flew with the wind. I let my thoughts come to me. Now, they always speak well to me about myself and the world. Meditation and in being in touch with my thoughts made me realize that,

  • I believe in reality and common sense.
  • I believe in science and spirituality.
  • Also, I believe in humanity and faith and prayers.

Your beliefs make you and break you. Choose wisely. Don’t choose what’s common, and what

everybody believes. Choose what serves you. This power to choose wisely comes from doing meditation with yoga.

Steps for doing mindful meditation at home

  • Meditate anytime and anywhere. It is because meditation is mindfulness. Mindful meditation is all about living in the present moment. Moreover, It only takes a few minutes to start again and be present.
  • Sit in a comfortable position. It is best to sit in a quiet room with a little light and no distraction.
  • Mindful meditation means focusing on your breathing. Not thinking or judging anything.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Meditation and Yoga without focusing on breathing is like living without a soul – it doesn’t work and you can’t feel anything
  • See a light point in the forehead that is your soul.
  • Feel, Feel and Feel. Let’s spread some love with people, nature & animals.
  • If your mind wanders for a minute, don’t worry. Recollect your thoughts and focus again on breathing. Start by doing this for five minutes everyday.
  • Once you complete it, open your eyes in slow motion.
meditation Om Shanti- Tophatlifestyle
Mediation and yoga for mental health is effective. Both have one simple goal: to feel calm. To know peace. To be here now.

There are other kinds of meditation too: spiritual, mantra, movement, transcendental, and focused. You can choose any of these six meditation types, but focusing on your breathing is integral to all.

Positive affirmation I do after doing mindful meditation

Perform meditation for 5 minutes or an hour whatever you are comfortable with. After that use these positive affirmations to bring real change in your life, like I did. Write any one or more down every day for 21 days 21 times for a better life.

Yoga for mental health- Naveena Sapra

Read each one resolution with a peaceful & pure mind, then pause, close your eyes, and breathe in the words once again.

  • Sukriya God, (Thanks). Every single hour, says thanks to god.
  • I am happy. I am beautiful. I am healthy. I am strong. I am a peaceful being, I am a pure being. I am powerful. I am fearless. I am a stable being. I am a wise soul.  I love my body. I attract positivity. I attract opportunity. I attract Love. I am Kind. I am smart. I am confident. I am successful. I am worthy of all the blessings coming my way.
  • I accept everyone as they are. I can see only goodness in every being.
  • The earth is part of us as much as we are a part of it. Caring for nature means caring for ourselves.
  • I trust my intuition. I choose a response which is the right karma for me.
  • Life is a soul journey, not a race. Elevate your karma’s & earn Blessing.
  • The universe will never give us anything we can’t handle. 
  • Move past your fears. They are here for you to learn. Let go, and so that only love remains.
  • I am a Godchild, and every breath is a god gifted. Thank you, God, for this breath and keeping us safe. 

Just write that these affirmations are the teachings of Sister BK Shivani and Sadhguru. 

On a final note…
Mindful meditation - tophatlifestyle

Mindful meditation and yoga for mental health are two things you should include in your daily routine. Meditation helps create balance between you and the life circumstances you find yourself. It will take time to master meditation, so don’t give up if you don’t see immediate effects. Give it time, and use these tips and lessons to start a regular meditation practice. As of a result of this, you will see real and visible positive changes in your life.

We’ll keep updating the list and share any yoga blogs you love. Also, drop your comments and show your love.

P.S. Don’t stress about the process. With a bit of time, the process will become natural to you. Till then, Keep enjoying the journey, have fun, and be kind to yourself.

Picture Credit : Rahul Punjabi

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  2. I hope you stay strong with whatever you are going through. It usually helps to count our blessings and think about what we have rather than what we don’t have. Stay strong, love.

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