Plants are friends! Because seriously, They’re way not only decoration. They’re roommates, they keep us company, and so they compensate us with healthy growth. Here is to plants! According to the present motto I want to talk about some of my new and old indoor plant friends with you.

  • Bamboo Palm Indoor Plant

The Bamboo Palm can very easily fit into smaller areas with indirect lighting. NASA found it one of the better air filters for benzene and trichloroethylene and a beneficial warm mist humidifier. This palm is a bit smaller than others as well as simple to grow in shady places. It releases a great deal of moisture into the air flow and is considerably resistant to insect attack.

Bamboo Palm lifestyle
  • Snake Plant

This is a single of the hardest to kill. While it does need to be well watered from time to time, it usually prefers drier conditions and some sunshine. You can also put as a indoor Plant.

Snake Plant Lifestyle
  • Bromeliads Plant

This plant is totally charming and can last for months in a typical house. But usually, they’re sold in bloom … and that’s a problem because they die after flowering! And it’s just plain unfair to hoist a soon-to-die plant off on a rank beginner.

Bromeliads Lifestyle
  • Chinese Evergreen Plant

The Chinese Evergreen is very simple to care for and can help to free your home of a number of atmosphere pollutants. It creates tiny red berries that are charming to look at but that can take years and can help to remove harmful toxins from the air. It’s most effective to consider it as being a foliage plant so plan on keeping your Chinese Evergreen for numerous years for optimal benefits.

Chinese Evergreen Lifestyle
  • Rubber Plant

When your family and friends find out how gorgeous your rubber plant is, they will want one of their own. Although it does not always work properly, rubber plants are one of those plants that you can just hack into a piece from and keep in soil and they can grow.

A rubber tree plant is also known as a Ficus elastica. These large trees can grow up to 50 ft high. When you have a rubber plant, it requires bright light but wants indirect lighting that isn’t too very hot. The rubber tree plant also requires the right balance of water.

Rubber Plant Lifestyle

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