Mornings are wonderful! But when the sun shines brightly, and there’s a cup of well-made coffee by my side, it’s fantastic. It is when I enjoy the perks of living one moment at the time. It also helps me come up with inspiring ideas that keep me moving forward.
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Pious Mornings
On weekend break, while my love is still sleeping, the rising sunlight fills up our home. For me, it’s time to wake up and enjoy the sacred morning. Without any hesitations, I jump out of bed excited and geared up to take the morning to slow but making most of it. This is when I work on my dreams, look for enthusiasm, and write a diary. I start working on all this with my morning routine of making a cup of coffee.
Coffee Routine- Favorite part of the day
Well, I like tea very much but on Sundays I like to drink good coffee. All those beautiful mornings wouldn’t be so glorious without having a perfect cup of coffee. A perfect coffee starts off with the coffee beans.
I usually pay lots of attention to what type of caffeine I buy. Mainly, it’s because I like strong coffee with little Milk and Sugar. The quality of beans is important for a good cup of joe. A strong but not bitter coffee with a hint of sugar and something pleasantly unusual in it, a hint of nuts for example.
When I have time, I visit the specific coffee stores to get the roasted coffee beans. I like and enjoy chafe Coffee like Nescafe & Bru & I enjoy it.
Happily, you can get good coffee online as well. It has everything I’m trying to find in coffee.
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How I make my coffee?

My weekend start with coffee-making ritual. I call it a ritual simply because it’s something unique. Let’s see:

  • I use an empty cup, sugars & water for brewing my coffee. After Gathering all of these things, It’s time to mix it in a mug and blending a couple of minutes.
  • Yes, I use my palm blender to beat my coffee fusion. It usually takes 5 minutes for it to reach the superb light and foamy regularity and the flavor is just perfect.
  • And the last stepis to mix it with hot milk & adding some coffee powder on the top.

It’s my favorite kind of coffee making because it’s a little bit slow but simple. Besides coffee tastes very different when it’s brewed this way. It’s full of flavor, smooth, has a good smell. Although it takes some time, it sets the perfect mood for a slow morning.

One thing about coffee is that it has to be like perfect! One sip of coffee and you realize whether the brewing method is correct or not, right? Being a big-time coffee fan, I tend to drink coffee during weekend break. It certainly revitalizes me for thinking ahead of the future and bringing more creativity.

Therefore, I can never compromise on the kind of coffee that I drink. Although I prefer having my coffee piping hot, sometimes, I change it. Its chilled variations like Mango Mint Ice Tea, Mint Ice Tea also suffice and my family loves having them also.

Waken Creativity
On some fine mornings when I feel being enthusiastic to work on my dreams, a cup of coffee is what gears me up entirely and also wakes up my creativity. This is when I come up with new ideas and work on the old ones.
Coffee time is when I can free myself from all kind of boundaries and hesitations. It let’s me work on what matters most with inspiration. Of course, my passion helps a lot. But coffee making practice and the energy boosting properties of coffee are what help me a lot to be creative and concentrated.

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