When you think about a remarkable or traditional gift for a close one. What comes to your mind? Or when planning to redecorate your house? Where does your mind go? Or does it go to antique or handicraft items? Well, for me, it indeed does. Handicraft items are a precious find. These relics are truly a result of love & effort. And precisely this is what makes handicraft items a rare gift for anyone. It also makes for a quintessential home décor piece. Since I love handicraft items. And they add immense value to a festival or occasion or even your home. I was on the lookout for Indian handicrafts online, When I found a marvelous site-Tokenz. It is an Indian handicraft e-commerce site with a wide range of products. From home decor to gifting products, like Terracotta, jewelry, Painting,…

Do you love listening to podcasts? Or are you new to this world? If it’s the latter, you are missing out on a whole new amazing world. A podcast is a solo audio program which we can listen to on our phone or laptop. Here people discuss a topic such as fashion and style, Business, Spiritual, Real estate, Bollywood or food. They interview guests on important topics. Moreover, there are podcasts where you can listen to your favourite books, like Harry Potter at home: Reading on Spotify. Podcasts are amazing as you can listen to them while travelling or when you are cooking, and listening to music becomes repetitive. A lot of Indian podcasts have compelling content as they talk about myths or connect you with lesser-known musicians. Also, Some podcast connects you with people doing good work or talk…

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life it will improve the lives of people around you” Robin Sharma. Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, we all must practice social distancing. Which means not going out for some time. In India, we must practice this for 21 days.They say what you are doing for 21 days becomes a habit, and we have this time now. For some, it is a forced lockdown, but you need to change your thinking. Think of it as a holiday to introspect and spend time with family. You have 21 days, what you do with that is your choice. If you waste this time, you’ll regret it. So, utilize this time, by doing things that you always wanted to, but never got the time.Use this time to…

Xmas decorations
Hey, now it’s time to host a party. Are you ready? Know about how to host a party. For me, Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. The whole year I keep on waiting for Christmas to do decorations at home, plan & prepare for Christmas gifts, and enjoy the Christmas
Hi Friends, thanks for coming to check out my very first blog on Christmas. Yesterday I heard people talking that in two weeks, Christmas will be here, TWO WEEKS that almost made me faint. Why? Because I love Christmas and the holiday cheer and warmth that it brings with it. Then I thought, that why not

Oh wow, October is about to complete. Can you believe it? Ten months have passed for 2019, but I felt productive enough, I learned many things. With all these things coming to my journey and I’m crazy about it.

Aaahh, November. The start of the -Cooling months, which slowly gives a sense of the festive season in India, but for me, this month will serve as a month of changes (again) and of saying Yeahhh. This Month would bring challenges to me, that can greatly impact my future but I’m setting myself to prove myself.

Anyway, since I’m in this waiting season of my life, I had decided to reform myself and my habits once more – focus on my goals, set my journals and planners on productivity, and of course, prioritize the Lord first every day.

How about you? How do you plan to spend your November 2019? I’m excited and nervous at the same time for this month, but I know that my God is with me all the time so I better not worry.