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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Bachel Zoe

Hi, Y’all! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Naveena Sapra, the writer behind Tophatlifestyle & friends calls me Navi. Navi Means New for every day & in my blog series you will find it in my lifestyle. Now Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on my latest Beauty, Food, Health and Lifestyle posts.
I am a visualizer, Who loves thinking and coming up with new ideas.  As far as my education is concerned I completed my masters in Business Administration from SDCL & After that  I could never settled myself into a 10 to 7  job mainly because it blocked my creative mind and I had no time for the things that I loved doing.

I love spiritual  & blogging work as a fit future. So! In 2018, I decided to start career as a blogger & influncer where I promote brands, labels and tips on products and earn an authentic income . It helped me grow so much.  Now, I am currently working as a Professional Blogger & Influncer. I am really loving my work. Apart from my profession, my hobbies are dancing, visiting new places, photography, shoot and finding new things. I am a kind of girl who spend sunday to visit new places, food & enjoy it with nature rather going out at a crowded place and waiting there for a table to just to eat.

Enough said! I really appreciate you took time for reading it and my blog. You can follow me on my journey and be a part of my social media family to know more about me.

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