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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Bachel Zoe

Hi, Y’all! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Naveena Sapra, the writer behind Tophatlifestyle & friends calls me Navi. Naveena means new, and in my lifestyle blog series, you will find new things. Now Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on my latest Fashion, Beauty, Food, Health and Lifestyle blogs.
A little background…

I am a visualizer who loves thinking and coming up with new ideas. As far as my education is concerned, I completed my masters in Finance from SDCL. Finance appeals to me, but blogging and creating my own content took priority. So, I worked hard as a freelancer on various websites. I designed sites and did digital marketing work, but there was always a voice in my head telling me to start my blog.

Finally, I listened to that voice, and in  Dec 2019, I started my career as a blogger and influencer. In my lifestyle blog, I promote brands, labels and tips on products and earn an authentic income. It helped me grow so much. 

Apart from my profession, my hobbies are dancing, visiting new places, photography, shooting and finding new things. I am the kind of girl who spends Sunday to visit new places, food & enjoy it with nature. It appeals to me more in comparison to going out at a crowded place and waiting there for a table to eat. Also, they inspire me to write amazing blogs for you.

Fashion- a hobby became a passion…

Since I was a kid, I loved dressing up, wearing accessories, and putting on makeup. Also, I loved to keep those memories safe, so I used to get my photos clicked. This childhood hobby developed into a passion, and here I am with my blog TopHatLifestyle. It is my dream, and I am happy that everything I ever did in my life pushed me in this direction, as it is perfect for me.

To the followers…

I am very grateful for all my readers and followers whose support grows every single day. It, in turns, motivates me to make a better effort towards my blog. Due to your constant love and support, I work hard every day on my blog to come up with interesting topics and posts that you will love. Connect with all my social handles and let me know what you would like to read about?

Xoxo Tophatlifestyle ❤️

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